Engineering fields

Assistance to the contracting owner

BIEB Engineering includes a pool of skills specifically dedicated to assist contracting owners.
Based on our experience in engineering, we’ve achieved a real legal, economic and technical mastering to conduct their projects. We now have references of assistance in numerous fields (public buildings, school and colleges, offices, industrial…).

Project Management

BIEB Engineering has been managing projects for nearly 30 years. During all these years, we’ve chosen to organize ourselves to gather all the technical skills necessary to accomplish our contracts.
In order to improve the relation with our clients and the interactions between the technical fields, we’ve hired the best project managers, who are a direct link with our clients, and their associated teams of highly experienced technicians structured by skill pool.

Design and carry-out studies

Structures design (concrete, steel, timber)
Specialists in cyclonic and seismic design
Structures diagnosis
Restoration and reinforcement of old buildings
Special foundations
Designs and blueprints for concrete, steel and timber structures
Civil engineering and water engineering (infrastructures, bridges, sustaining walls…)
Sports facilities engineering (stadiums, special floorings…)
Studies and earthquake-resistant intensifications

Construction Economics – cost reduction

Project economics, design and achievement
Quotation of quantities for all construction fields
Administrative files to assist contracting owners to select firms
Analysis of firms estimates
Cost oriented design, cost reduction on projects
Needs analysis, functions analysis
Technical and economic feasibility studies

Environmental studies

We have at our disposal a pool of skills specialized in fields related to environmental engineering.
We’ve widened our activities towards sustainable development, to achieve economic, social and environmental control on our projects.
Our teams actually work on :
HEQ projects ® (High environmental quality in construction)
Editing of administrative files for environmental projects
Studies of waste disposal management and waste recycling
Studies on renewable energies (biomass, windmills, solar power device…)

Organisation, supervision and coordination

Schedule management
Financial planning
Project methods planning
Security of the worker and health protectiona